La campagne publicitaire « My family gift » de Churchills Port :

Advertising Agency: The Asteroid / Savvy Agency ,Portugal

This Christmas Churchill’s Port launches “My Family Gift”, a special gift that can only be opened together.

This handcrafted wooden box comes with 5 different keys. One key for each family member. And the box can only be opened with all 5 keys together.

Inside the box is a Churchill´s Vintage 2011 Magnum, a crystal decanter and a glass for each family member.

This gift reunites families by sharing a glass of port, now or in the future.

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Traditional wines with a young spirit
Churchill’s was founded by John Graham in 1981, as the first British Port Wine company to be established in 50 years. His desire was to set up a company to produce his own, individual style of wine. It was his wife, Caroline Churchill, who provided the company with its name. In an industry where others are hundreds of years old, we were new challengers to the market. We worked hard to create the best port possible, as an independent and passionate new boutique, creating our own special wines as we thought they should be made.