La présentation de la Malle Plénitude dans le partenariat de Dom Pérignon avec Auctionata :

An exceptional Dom Pérignon online auction will take place in December on : five never-seen- trunks, each including a collection of meticulously chosen bottles of Dom Pérignon Vintage, P2 and P3, will be offered to bidders during a livestreamed auction show.

This auction is dedicated to a truly extraordinary object: La Malle Plénitude. A hand-crafted trunk, limited to an edition of five, filled with 23 hand-picked bottles of champagne, curated by chef de cave, Richard Geoffroy. Through its bespoke aesthetics, La Malle Plénitude truly encapsulates the singular universe of Wines.

This is a unique opportunity to commission one of these exceptional items, which cannot be found anywhere else, along with the finest selection of vintages in the three Plénitudes. This is also a rare opportunity to see within the birthplace of champagne: Hautvillers Abbey, where Dom Pierre Pérignon dedicated himself to the perfection of his art.