La campagne publicitaire « Le secret de la vie » de Guinness :

The Perfect Guinness Ad for the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Brought to you by two Irish bartenders who are also ad students. This spec was made by Miami Ad School students Tadhg Ennis and Brendan Irving. While both working as bartenders to pay for their tuitions, they came up with the idea to make a branded content piece that talks about the correlation between the bartender and a pint of Guinness. Just like Guinness, the bartender is more than meets the eye. They are a group of philosophers, comedians, artists, and rogues. A distinct group that is complex on many levels. We take time growing into our skin, but once we do we are full of character and unapologetically authentic. This work, comes from the bottom of our hearts to the bottom of your glass. Sláinte

Creative Director : Tadhg Ennis, Brendan Irving
Art Director : Tadhg Ennis
Copywriter : Tadhg, Brendan Irving
Sound Mixing and Recording : Dan Rosato
Music : Brad Clymer