Maxxis et sa dernière campagne The Possibility to Prove Yourself.

Maxxis Tires x Victor Osokin | #thepossibilitytoproveyourself | ss18 global campaign

The key story « Every day » tells about Russian triathlete Victor Osokin — multiple finisher of the iron distance competitions.
This is a story about the athlete’s hard way to competitions: daily early rises, ice water, constant struggle with external and internal obstacles.
This is a story about overcoming and confidence in the team.
What if the path is more important than the podium at the competitions?
What if, during the journey, do you find the true self and answer all the confusing questions?
In the story, the summer tires Maxxis HP5 become a reliable and indispensable part of the Osokin’s « team » for every day.
Tires help the triathlete in the fight against himself, support on the athletic path, and ultimately give the opportunity to prove himself.

Video Production Agency: 29 PRODUCTION, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Creative Director / Director / Producer: Alexander Kuzmichev
DOP: Slava Kotov
Aerial Services: Sergei Oleinik
Composer: Constantine Chistiakov
Sound-designer: Nikita Krose
Copywriter: Elena Suvorova
Photographer: Nikita Seredin
Voiceover: David Seys
Additional Credits: Ilya Gulin, Mariya Starkova, Arkadiy Drozdov, Victor Osokin, Andrey Provotorov