La campagne publicitaire « Lucky for life » pour Minnesota State Lottery :

The Minnesota Lottery has an interesting challenge: Get the younger crowd to play the games of chance they have been eschewing.

Luckily, one grandma knows how to party with some whippersnappers. Lucky For Life is the new game from the Minnesota Lottery that gives players a chance to win $1,000 a day for life. To showcase this new game, Periscope created a new TV spot that brought together a rap video (with custom song) and Midwestern sensibility.

Grandma Margie has clearly been making the most of her winnings, with custom sweaters, bling and pimped out home décor. As she parties the day away with her family and friends, the homey yet lavish feel and upbeat vibe grabs the attention of a younger audience, and encourages game play.

Advertising Agency : Periscope, Minneapolis, USA