La campagne publicitaire « The Cloud Catcher » de Nissan :

Two young farmers see their village suffering from drought and takes drastic action in a fantastical ad out of Brazil for the Nissan Frontier.
In the spot, by LewLara/TBWA, the men are despairing over their dried-up crops when one of them has a bright idea: although their village is parched, there’s a stubborn rain cloud around a nearby mountain that refuses to move. They devise an ingenious scheme involving their Nissan Frontier truck, some ropes and a makeshift parachute that will eventually (via some cool visual effects by Clan VFX) bring a piece of cloud down to the village.

Advertising Agency: LewLara / TBWA, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Felipe Luchi
Creative Director / Creative: Sthefan Ko
Creatives: Fabio Santoro, Pedro Paes, Renato Simon
Director: Rodrigo Saavedra
Executive Producer: Sebastian Hall
Production Designer: Julian Romera
Sound Design: Supersonic
Color Grade: Marla Color Grading
Production Company: Landia
Executive Producer: Sebastian Hall
DOP: Javier Juliá
Music: Antonio Pinto