La campagne publicitaire « The Sufganiyot Collection » de Roladin :








Advertising Agency : M&C Saatchi, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative officer : Tzur Golan
Art Director : Orna Nemirovsky
Copywriter : Alisa Mil
Group Account Director : Idit Zemmer
Account Director : Ori Krasner
Photographer : Davidovitz Miri
Photographer Producer : Mandy Morris‎‏


Home  made  cakes were prepared  by hand and sold from door to door .In 1989 the two brothers opened a shop in Ramat Hasharon .Their father ,Menashe built the counters and the shelves. Their sister-in-law brought recipes from her mother, Cakes were  made using  a hand mixer. They also collected successful recipes from Aunt’s  and neighbors. 

As  demand and turnover   increased,  there customer  base  began to expand.

Additional  branches in the centre of the country were opened. The  vast majority of these branches were franchised ,but some of  these remained with the family.

Later Kobi undertook to manage the business himself, while  Avi became the initiator of new creative ideas