La fibre par Virgin dans cette campagne publicitaire :

Agence de publicité : BBH Londres

It all starts with our
magical high-tech cable
We didn’t become the UK’s fastest widely available broadband provider using the same sluggish cables as Sky and BT. Our unique network uses smart DOCSIS® 3 technology to connect you to the things you love in a faster and more reliable way – and it’s exclusive to our customers.

Bringing you awesome WiFi
Go full stream ahead with WiFi made for entertainment. Our Hub 3.0 wireless router connects you and your family to the things you love so that you could all be online streaming, gaming, and browsing on your favourite screens. Nice!

Supererior speeds
Our speeds start where others stop. Go fast with VIVID 100 fibre. Go faster VIVID 200. Or feel the full power of ultrafast with VIVID 300. We don’t do slow.