#DancingonIce Bear and Squirrel par ITV Creative

Description :

Last year’s Dancing on Ice promo was headlined as ‘the advert John Lewis should have made’ at Christmas (Mail Online), winning Promax Gold and becoming a Cannes Lions Finalist. award. Following the success of 2018’s spot, ITV Creative have created an even more ambitious promo for 2019 – this time, featuring the adorable cub of the polar bears who paired up in the previous film.

The promo begins with the inquisitive polar bear cub leaving her slumbering parents to go and explore. Before long, the youngster clumsily tumbles onto the frozen lake and knocks a squirrel onto the ice. As the ice cracks under their weight and they float towards a waterfall, the unlikely partners must do some quick teamwork to avoid the obstacles. Despite their size difference, the polar bear cub and squirrel perform an exhilarating figure skating routine packed with plenty of pirouettes, jumps, and a final triumphant lift.

Film advertisement created by ITV Creative, United Kingdom for Dancing on Ice, within the category: TV Promos.

Crédits :
Advertising Agency : ITV Creative, London, UK
Creative Directo r: Tony Pipes
Head of Campaign Production / Produce r: Katie Carew
Senior Campaign Manager : Vanessa Wise
Senior Marketing Manager : Simon Ricks
Controllers of Marketing : Jess Byars, Ros Godber
Director of Viewer Marketing : Paul Ridsdale
Production Company : HUSH / London
Executive Producer : Ru Warner
Director : Kirk Hendry
Post Production Company : Fable
Grade : Simone / Time Based Arts
Composer : Stuart Hancock
Audio : Luke Hatfield / Vaudeville