On termine les derniers préparatifs de Noël et on remercie le groupe HAUTE qui nous accompagne avec la #Playlist de l’#Invité ! Une très bonne écoute !

#HAUTE #MUSIC #Romain&Anna

– HAUTE formed in 2013 in Montreal, where both Anna and Romain moved to become students at McGill University. The duo met on a Facebook page which Romain had created for McGill musicians to share their work and ideas. After sending each other beats and acapellas, the two met in Paris the summer of that year to record a song at Diez Studios, the label with which Romain had been working with for his other projects. The song became “Down,” which was released in the summer of 2014 by french radio station Radio Nova and playlisted on the same radio. –

// Et voici le clip vidéo pour la signature sonore des Sofitel Hotels //