La campagne publicitaire « Tobacco advertising sells » de Smoke Free Life :

Advertising sells, we all know that. So tobacco ads on the streets sell cigarettes to everybody out there, including people under 18 y.o. And this must be kind of illegal, right? So here comes a simple question: forbid children to see the ads or remove the ads? Bulgaria is one of the last European countries where outdoor advertising of cigarettes is not forbidden. The campaign aims to make the authorities change the law.

Advertising Agency: The Smarts, Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Director: Bogdan Russev
Art Director: Pavlina Boneva
Designer: Natalia Nikolova
Copywriters: Bogdan Russev, Vesselin Trandov, Maria Makedonska
Illustrator: Stefan Shivachev
Photographer: Vassil Karkelanov
Director: Drago Sholev
Director of Photography: Nenad Boroevich
Styling: Eka Bichinashvili
Scenography: Andrea Popova
Production: SHOOT!
Executive Producer: B2Y Productions